Power of Our Mistakes-“Rise” a skylit drive.

   While I was “music hunting” I came across A Skylit Drive and as a coincidence they will be performing at Warped Tour 2014! They have music that can really help during certain situations in our life,which is why we listen and connect with music! A Skylit Drive  does an amazing job by letting us connect through their music.
   Their song “Rise” is simply about how overcoming a difficult point in our life can surely build us up to become something more.We evolve through our own mistakes and thats how humanity lerans.That is how we become the people we are today.The song tells you to “Not pray for an easy life” because how will we contain the knowledge from learning of our mistakes we make.Simply don’t runaway…but face the consequences with knowing that in the end you will become something better of yourself.
   With that being said,enjoy this link and really dig into the meaning of strength and the value of learning from your mistakes!




Watch “A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera – Say Something” on YouTube

   Going from all kinds of exreamly difficult pitches to a lovely ,calm harmony featuring one of the greatest soul/pop artist today, Christina Aguilera.
   I picked this piece for ‘Song of the day’ ,not only for its lyrics (which hold such symoblism),but also to prove how a true artist can present their voice in many “disguises”.
   Christina is well known for her crazy vocal parts that are all over the place ,but not with “Say something” .I truly believe this song shows the otherside of her that many of us don’t see very often.She showed vulnerbility and passion in this song;Though,it wasn’t her typical style.She presented what a true artist can do and I have much more respect towards her now,knowing what she is capable of.Ms.Aguilera showed her beauty ,not only within herself, but with this song ft. Great Big World.
   I fell in love with her performance at the AMA’s when she performed this song.I highly suggest watching! Enjoy your song of the day lovely’s.   

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

With such jazzy,smoothing influnces Michael Bublé steals the hearts of those who enjoys what he does to his music. Unlike many of the artist today ,Bublé always inserts his love of Jazz into his songs ,creating music with such mellow feelings that fill the atmosphere around you ,and not to mention songs we can swing to. He is great to listen to while getting through the h
Holiday’s ,or even just wanting to ease your way through a harsh day. So here is a small gift from me you! Enjoy this beautiful song and enjoy this day,weather,and food we will soon have! Happy Holidays and swing to a little Jazz (;

Get into the Halloween spirit!

  Halloween is just around the corner and I figured this song was perfect for the occasion.A little House Music always comes in handy when your in a party atmosphere or just want to dance a little.The crazy,blended mixes and upbeats will leave you going along to the beat of this song anytime,anywhere!
  “Ghost N Stuff” by the amazing Deadmau5 not only has a very creative and trippy music video ,it also has a sick beat to get you out of your comfort zone,dance,and just enjoy the music and not worry about anything around you.Honestly you could do just that to any of the songs Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) creates. He creates the music and the music creates us!
  Joel Zimmerman ,who is best known by his stage name Deadmau5 , not only has a crazy and creative way of creating his music,but give so much life and meaning to his performances and music.I personally believe when an artist shares that part of his life with yours..they aren’t doing it for the money.
  So if your up for something new give this song a listen to and like always have a great Halloween! Enjoy.
(Song:Ghost N Stuff –by Deadmau5 feat.Rob Swire)

The storyteller.

  Maybe you can’t find the words to say how you feel ,because it lies within such profound meaning that its not something that is easily spoken with simple words. Sometimes not saying anything at all is better than giving less for what that person truly means to you.Not every moment has to be concentrated on the words they say…but with the things they say with their eyes.Eyes are glorious little things.They are like the window seeking to their heart, where their feelings can tell a story without words.Thats what we need..a story without words.
   ‘Turnig page’ Is a song that comes from the heart of a young man who portrays how the littlest things can be the most important to somebody;Embracing their features as the gateway to gesture their endless emotions.I suggest watching and listening to this Angelique piece,because its one of those stories that you don’t need a princess or prince to come riding in saving the day to understand the lyrics and symbolism. Enjoy Lovies and find your story that no one else tell.Not even yourself for the feelings are so profound that you don’t want to give anybody less than what they are…

Love is what it’s all about.

   Falling in love is special ,but falling in love with your best friend is remarkable. The saying “love is patient;love is kind” is very much true and alive today! If love was meant to be why rush anything? Getting to know that person truly and honestly is ,in my opinion, one of the greastest rewards of “falling in love” The bond between you ,and that person grows so close that it’s now considered “hopelessly in love“.
   Rather it hurts us ,or not, love is beautiful. The fact that we can love another stranger ,and give them our whole world is very enchanting .Life gives us a million reasons to fall in love everyday ,yet we pick one person to spend the rest of our lives with.
    That feeling when your heart skips two beats as you lay your eyes upon someone with such beauty ,is what this song talks about. Yes, love could happen in a few seconds ,or a few years.BUT it takes patience and kindness to keep his/or her heart together through it all.The beautiful melody to “Falling in love at a coffee shop” is not only for our ears to listen,but it’s for our hearts to remember the most important thing that keeps us going day-in and day-out..Love..and no matter what you do,you cannot take it away. For it completes the absence inside of our own hearts. Enjoy lovelys!

A lust-full fairtale

A love-lust built until it tips over and crubbles into stubble stones flat across the floor.This upbeat metal/rock influenced song is not only perfect for those who love to “head bang” ,but its for those who love songs that talk about ‘love gone wrong.’ A relationship first built on lust ,and after a while, making them realize the actual love for one another. Not your typical romantic tale ,but it gets the point across that something so ugly and horrible can turn into innocent love. Pierce The Veil has many songs that don’t tell your cliché “nursey rhymes” and It’s good to feel like not all of society believes in fairytales.Honestly,Is love at first sight real anyhow,or do we just use that as some excuse to a typical relationship.Think on that.