Even stress has its beauty.

Sometimes we all need that precious warmth feeling you get from a hug to make our day. Its not everyday where you just wake up to a glorious morning ,where the light from your window is just as perfect,and beautiful as your day will be. Stress is the abundant weight we carry through day and day out ,and sometimes ,as human beings, we get tired. Completely exausted to the point where just for a little while we would set everything out on the table and lay our problems to others. Relieving our arms from the load of the world. Sia ,who has experienced just this ,writes her stress into words that are sung into a beautiful piece of music. I highly suggest this as a “song of the day”,because not only did she write what everyone is guilty of into a song ,but she added the perfect music to go along with it. Alomst as a ‘stress reliever itself’! Beautiful song Sia .Wonderful job!


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