Even stress has its beauty.

Sometimes we all need that precious warmth feeling you get from a hug to make our day. Its not everyday where you just wake up to a glorious morning ,where the light from your window is just as perfect,and beautiful as your day will be. Stress is the abundant weight we carry through day and day out ,and sometimes ,as human beings, we get tired. Completely exausted to the point where just for a little while we would set everything out on the table and lay our problems to others. Relieving our arms from the load of the world. Sia ,who has experienced just this ,writes her stress into words that are sung into a beautiful piece of music. I highly suggest this as a “song of the day”,because not only did she write what everyone is guilty of into a song ,but she added the perfect music to go along with it. Alomst as a ‘stress reliever itself’! Beautiful song Sia .Wonderful job!


The whole Miley “thing”

Sorry if I step on your toes on this blog ,but words about this needs to be shared about Miley Cyrus. The girl we all knew and loved as Hanna Montana ,is now a ‘rebel’ who is portraying herself as a …well..you can add that part yourself. The way I look at it ,is that she is your typical child who was under strict contracts as a child and now that the contract is up ,she feels the need to express her self ..but maybe she is expressing too much of her self? Look at it this way though..she is no different from all the other stars who are half naked in music videos and you don’t see people ripping their eyes out too much. Music is an art . The way you express through it is by the lyrics you sing and by the videos that go along with the song. She is just performing a form of art that people don’t paticularly see through. Symbolism can occur so much throughout a single video. Even if that wasn’t the case she is rebelling to get her name back out there . She may not be a role model ,but the best part is that music is able to be paused & skipped.so if you don’t like her, move on to the next song (:

Watch “Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps” on YouTube

Honestly this song is one of my personal favorites. The guitar adds such a unique rythemic tone that seperates itself from other songs. Not to mention that the video has such an emotional feel. Maps is such a “story telling” song. You can literally feel her emotions as she portrays them in the tear she cries during the video.This may be a typical love song ,but unlike the others , it sends the song’s “message” straight through your heart.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIIxlgcuQRU&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Watch “Lady Gaga – Applause (Official)” on YouTube

Though this video may seem..unusual… It has alot symbolism of a life of ‘fairy tale’ for achieving her dream. kudos to her and how she is expressing her self through the different clothing. It’s fasinating to see that though she know she will be judged by the style of this video,she doesn’t care to show her creativity in any less of her videos . Not to mention she never fails at making great, catchty ,lively music (: I advise you to watch!


Hello, I am quite new to blogging to this site and I would just like to get myself out there (: I am a total music “lover’ and there is no doubt that I listen to almost every genre out there ! So if you would like a new taste in music, or if your just curious and into music please feel free to follow! Thank you.