Power of Our Mistakes-“Rise” a skylit drive.

   While I was “music hunting” I came across A Skylit Drive and as a coincidence they will be performing at Warped Tour 2014! They have music that can really help during certain situations in our life,which is why we listen and connect with music! A Skylit Drive  does an amazing job by letting us connect through their music.
   Their song “Rise” is simply about how overcoming a difficult point in our life can surely build us up to become something more.We evolve through our own mistakes and thats how humanity lerans.That is how we become the people we are today.The song tells you to “Not pray for an easy life” because how will we contain the knowledge from learning of our mistakes we make.Simply don’t runaway…but face the consequences with knowing that in the end you will become something better of yourself.
   With that being said,enjoy this link and really dig into the meaning of strength and the value of learning from your mistakes!