Get into the Halloween spirit!

  Halloween is just around the corner and I figured this song was perfect for the occasion.A little House Music always comes in handy when your in a party atmosphere or just want to dance a little.The crazy,blended mixes and upbeats will leave you going along to the beat of this song anytime,anywhere!
  “Ghost N Stuff” by the amazing Deadmau5 not only has a very creative and trippy music video ,it also has a sick beat to get you out of your comfort zone,dance,and just enjoy the music and not worry about anything around you.Honestly you could do just that to any of the songs Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) creates. He creates the music and the music creates us!
  Joel Zimmerman ,who is best known by his stage name Deadmau5 , not only has a crazy and creative way of creating his music,but give so much life and meaning to his performances and music.I personally believe when an artist shares that part of his life with yours..they aren’t doing it for the money.
  So if your up for something new give this song a listen to and like always have a great Halloween! Enjoy.
(Song:Ghost N Stuff –by Deadmau5 feat.Rob Swire)