Watch “A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera – Say Something” on YouTube

   Going from all kinds of exreamly difficult pitches to a lovely ,calm harmony featuring one of the greatest soul/pop artist today, Christina Aguilera.
   I picked this piece for ‘Song of the day’ ,not only for its lyrics (which hold such symoblism),but also to prove how a true artist can present their voice in many “disguises”.
   Christina is well known for her crazy vocal parts that are all over the place ,but not with “Say something” .I truly believe this song shows the otherside of her that many of us don’t see very often.She showed vulnerbility and passion in this song;Though,it wasn’t her typical style.She presented what a true artist can do and I have much more respect towards her now,knowing what she is capable of.Ms.Aguilera showed her beauty ,not only within herself, but with this song ft. Great Big World.
   I fell in love with her performance at the AMA’s when she performed this song.I highly suggest watching! Enjoy your song of the day lovely’s.   


A lust-full fairtale

A love-lust built until it tips over and crubbles into stubble stones flat across the floor.This upbeat metal/rock influenced song is not only perfect for those who love to “head bang” ,but its for those who love songs that talk about ‘love gone wrong.’ A relationship first built on lust ,and after a while, making them realize the actual love for one another. Not your typical romantic tale ,but it gets the point across that something so ugly and horrible can turn into innocent love. Pierce The Veil has many songs that don’t tell your cliché “nursey rhymes” and It’s good to feel like not all of society believes in fairytales.Honestly,Is love at first sight real anyhow,or do we just use that as some excuse to a typical relationship.Think on that.