The storyteller.

  Maybe you can’t find the words to say how you feel ,because it lies within such profound meaning that its not something that is easily spoken with simple words. Sometimes not saying anything at all is better than giving less for what that person truly means to you.Not every moment has to be concentrated on the words they say…but with the things they say with their eyes.Eyes are glorious little things.They are like the window seeking to their heart, where their feelings can tell a story without words.Thats what we need..a story without words.
   ‘Turnig page’ Is a song that comes from the heart of a young man who portrays how the littlest things can be the most important to somebody;Embracing their features as the gateway to gesture their endless emotions.I suggest watching and listening to this Angelique piece,because its one of those stories that you don’t need a princess or prince to come riding in saving the day to understand the lyrics and symbolism. Enjoy Lovies and find your story that no one else tell.Not even yourself for the feelings are so profound that you don’t want to give anybody less than what they are…